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    C-SPANner, Musician, Runner, Cyclist

    Welcome! By day, I'm President and co-CEO of C-SPAN, a position I share with my colleague Susan Swain. We were named co-CEO's in 2012, and have shared day-to-day operating responsibility at the network since the late 1980's. My areas of emphasis are finance and administration, affiliate relations, technology and infrastructure.


    I've worked in the cable television industry my entire career. I'm proud to serve on the board of the Emma Bowen Foundation, dedicated to creating career opportunities in the media industry for youth of color through programs that focus on scholastic achievement, direct work experience and professional development. I've also served on advisory boards at several universities, including my alma mater the University of Illinois.


    Beyond C-SPAN, I run, bike, and play the piano in cover bands. I also work at keeping my musical tastes current - with the notable exception of my favorite C-SPAN side project, @cspanMusic, which runs more to the 18th and 19th centuries. For more on these "extracurriculars", see below. Thanks for visiting!

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    Cover Bands

    From Soul Method to Girl X and beyond...

    I started playing piano at age 7, and began playing in rock and jazz bands in high school (see "Impressions" at right.) I didn't play much immediately after college but started seriouls playing again in the mid-90's. Around 2005 I fell in with some great local musicians via connections in the cable industry. 


    I'm currently taking a break from regular gigging. Below are links to some online performances and my most recent bands' Twitter / Facebook feeds. Watch @robkennedy for gig announcements.


    "Blues Power" by Soul Method


    "Tumblin' Dice" by Left on Lincoln


    The TV Rejects were formed to compete in The Cable Show's Battle of the Bands. Finishing second for the final two years of the competition, we still are waiting for a rematch.


    My most recent band: Girl X Band. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.




    Impressions (1972)

    Who says high school isn't forever??

    I was very fortunate to have some great music teachers in my younger years, including our Springfield High School jazz band director, Dick Garretson. During my sophomore year our band recorded three tracks that appeared on an album shared with "The Vibrations", a singing-dancing performance group modeled on "Up With People" and sort of a precursor to "Glee"


    Many of the musicians involved have stayed in touch over the years (heck, some even became famous) and in light of planned reunions I digitized the tunes and posted them on SoundCloud and YouTube:


    1. "Superstar" Soundcloud YouTube

    2. "If" Soundcloud YouTube

    3. "Impressions" Soundcloud YouTube


    And from the Vibrations side of the LP:


    1. "Chicago Medley"

    2. "Love Medley

    3. "Shine Man"

    4. "I Believe in Music"



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